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Specialist Services


We can rebuild you Rudge Whitworth type wire wheel, as fitted to most British Sports cars from 1930 - 1970's. Either replacement of front spokes only, tighten and true, or a complete respoke can be carried out by a motor wheel services trained specialist.
For standard specification wheels from 13-15 inch diameter, the cost is £1.50 per spoke, and for vintage wheels of 16-19 inch diameter, the cost is £2 per spoke. Using plain steel spokes. Butted spokes can be supplied at extra cost.


Sandblasting and refinishing-of your wheel can also be carried out, and we advise powder coating with a finish coat of clear lacquer, which provides a tough resilient finish which is easy to clean.
The cost of stripping, sandblasting and refinishing in silver or black powder coat and lacquer is £40 per wheel for wheels up to 15 inch diameter, and 345 for 16-19 inch diameter wheels.


We can normally carry out a full rebuild of your wire wheels within 3— 4 weeks from receipt, but if you wish to have them sandblasted and powder coated, please allow an extra 2 weeks. We can dispatch wheels by courier to the UK or most parts of Europe and will provide quotations on


We do not normally rebuild chrome wire wheels because it is not economically viable to do so. A chrome wire wheel cannot be successfully rebuilt without removing all the spokes and then the old chrome has to be stripped from the hub and rim. If we cannot supply a new wire wheel, we can quote for re-building a new one but the cost of rebuilding a chrome wire wheel can exceed £350, and you can buy a new one for considerably less than that.


A Flywheel is a storage device for energy. It follows that to store energy it first has to absorb energy and this is taken from the engine during the acceleration of the engine whether the engine is in gear or not. A heavy flywheel has a greater resistance to being accelerated, its moment of inertia is higher. The energy absorbed and stored within the flywheel has not been available to drive the wheels. We have registered a gain of 16 BHP on a 1.6L engine, while performing a before and after situation on a rolling road.

Many competition engines start life as engines designed for use in passenger cars where a flywheel has several objectives that are irrelevant in competition. A billet steel flywheel can therefore be designed to better suit its application.

A lighter flywheel will release power to the drive wheels, particularly in the lower gears. This results in increased acceleration out of corners and higher top speeds at the end of the straight and this without adding any more stress to the engine. An additional benefit is increased engine braking and quicker gear changes as the lighter flywheel is storing less energy It slows down much more quickly. We see this in the extreme in F1 where there is no flywheel at all and the revs rise and fall instantly.

The flywheels are manufactured from a high tensile Chrome Moly steel offering exceptional strength and impact resisting qualities. This allows us to manufacture flywheels with significantly reduced inertia and give a safe high retying ability.

We offer a reverse engineering service so that we can take any existing OE flywheel and design it to suit your requirements and to accept any clutch type and size. We are equally happy just to replicate existing flywheels where historic detail is required.


  • Greater acceleration.
  • Higher top speed over a given straight. Faster gear changes
  • Integral ring gear for additional safety
  • High Tensile billet Chrome Moly steel construction
  • Reverse engineering service, from old to new. Pricing. Far less than you would expect.

Please give us a try, what have you to lose!


Please Tel: 01788 571896 or e-mail:

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